Harpo Speaks

Harpo Speaks!

by Harpo Marx, Rowland Barber; Paperback – July 1, 2004

“This is a riotous story which is reasonably mad and as accurate as a Marx brother can make it. Despite only a year and a half of schooling, Harpo, or perhaps his collaborator, is the best writer of the Marx Brother. Highly recommended.”
-Library Journal

“A funny, affectionate and unpretentious autobiography done with a sharply professional assist from Rowland Barber.”
-New York Times Book Review

Son of Harpo Speaks

Son of Harpo Speaks!

by Bill Marx; Paperback – October 1, 2011

Bill Marx is the last living person to have worked professionally with the three Marx Brothers, his uncles Chico and Groucho and his father, Harpo Marx. Because Chico and Groucho had children that had written about them, Bill Marx wanted to complete the Marx Brothers’ literary trifecta by authoring a book about the personal and professional relationships that he had with his father. Son of Harpo Speaks!, in addition to offering a unique perspective of a very special man and revealing many stories never before in print, is also a book about a “too-Hollywood-to-believe” life-altering quirk of fate that ultimately brought him together with his parents. The background for this remarkable revelation unfolded unassumingly over a glass of wine and some conversation in the famous 1960s nightclub, Dino’s Lodge, on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. It would subsequently lead the author to explore the complex life task of dealing with his emotional scars of rejection and the secure feelings of acceptance, the latter due to his overwhelmingly good fortune of having been adopted by two loving parents. Plenty of “show-biz” and “sizzle” are also sprinkled throughout to make for a very enjoyable read.

Memories of a Munchkin

Memories of a Munchkin: An Illustrated Walk Down the Yellow Brick Road

by Meinhardt Raabe, Daniel Kinske, Mickey Rooney; Hardcover – April 1, 2005

In this deluxe, lavish hardcover edition, one of the last surviving cast members of The Wizard of Oz reveals his life story and shares his memories of making that beloved Hollywood classic. Features more than 50 specially commissioned illustrations by renowned artists such as Al Hirschfeld, Jack Davis, Mort Drucker, Sergio Aragones, Greg Hildebrandt, Al Jaffee, and many others.

Growing Up with Monsters

Growing Up With Monsters: My Times at Universal Studios in Rhymes

by Carla Laemmle, Daniel Kinske; Paperback – May 1, 2009

A lovely book that tells the true story of how the classic Universal Studios Monsters were born from a centenarian who was there when it happened. Enjoy Carla’s tale of growing up on her uncles Universal Studio Lot from 1921 to 1937 and not only witnessing the filming of such early classics as The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1923, but actually being in The Phantom of the Opera in 1925 and Dracula in 1931, where her “bit” part was that of having the first line of spoken dialogue in that perennial classic vampire film. Beware of vampires and hearses, but enjoy her story’s verses! Wonderfully illustrated by MAD Magazines Jack Davis and Hermann Mejia. Foreword provided by master of horror and sci-fi, Ray Bradbury.

Hollywood's Child Dancing Through OZ

Hollywood’s Child Dancing Through OZ

by Caren Marsh-Doll; Paperback – May, 2003

Click your heels together three times and join Palm Springs’ author Caren Marsh-Doll, Judy Garland’s stand-in in the Wizard of Oz, as she dances through her rich Hollywood life. Hollywood’s Child Dancing Through OZ is 300 pages with three sections of photographs including Caren with Judy Garland on the Wizard of OZ set, her dancing in Busby Berkeley musicals, and photos with such stars as Kirk Douglas, Orson Welles, Alan Ladd, James Stewart, Errol Flynn, Roy Rogers, and many more.

Hollywood’s Babe

by Caren Marsh-Doll; Paperback – June 17, 2016

Click your heels together three times and join author Caren Marsh-Doll, Judy Garland’s stand-in in The Wizard of Oz, as she dances through her rich Hollywood life. Caren, an original MGM doll, appeared on the silver screen, danced in Hollywood musicals, was a Western leading lady, acted on Broadway, and remains the darling of Oz fans around the world. She met gangster Bugsy Siegel, survived a near fatal plane crash, and learned about sex “near” a Hollywood casting couch. And she’s still dancing… into the 2nd edition of her award-winning autobiography. Named Best Autobiography Classic Images, this expanded edition has more rare pictures, and extra material!