Visiting Caren Marsh-Doll

Caren Marsh Doll

Visiting the 99-year young Caren Marsh-Doll just after the United States had its palindromic 242nd birthday. Even though the 5.8lb book is a good percentage of her own size, but she enjoyed seeing the book and a few days later reported back that it took her all afternoon, but she went through every image on every page and thoroughly enjoyed it (hence the quote.) She also relayed a story I did not know, about how Chico Marx once chased her through the MGM lot, though Caren was too swift to be caught. Harpo Marx is her favorite Marx Brother and she is very good friends with Bill and Barbara Marx.

And here is Art Ducko’s youngest artist, Jeremy Andrews, presenting Caren with her copy of the book and with an added remarque of Caren as her Dorothy Gale character in The Wizard of Oz (MGM, 1939) on Jeremy’s main art contributon page—the Table of Contents. Jeremy previously illustrated a larger image of Caren as Judy Garland’s stand-in, in a fun twister of fate.

jeremy andrews and caren marsh doll