Art Ducko: An Illustrated History of the Marx Brothers was first conceived upon the death of Al Hirschfeld in 2003 as he was then working on a commission of all four Marx Brothers for Daniel Kinske.

Art Ducko (title conception by Erté) highlights the innumerable artists and illustrators (and photographers) who have captured the Marx Brothers: Manfred Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Groucho Marx, Gummo Marx, and Zeppo Marx in their early years and throughout their illustrious illustrated careers.

This book contains art from such artists as Dean Cornwell, John Decker, Al Frueh, Loren Stout, Malcolm Eaton, Will Breuniger Johnstone, Fay King, Robert Patterson, Abe Birnbaum, Sam Berman, Billy De Beck, Alexander Hess, William Auerbach-Levy, Bert Levy, Alvin “Hap” Hadley, Susan Marx, and Al Hirschfeld. Contemporary artists include Drew Struzan (front cover), Richard Williams (back cover art), Al Jaffee, Tom Richmond, Peter Kuper, and Tom Bunk—all alums of MAD Magazine (both the classic and new versions.)

Marx Brothers

Six Marx Brothers spine artwork logo by Jeremy Andrews


Harpo Marx
Harpo Marx
Caren Marsh-Doll

“A fantastic book!”

Caren Marsh-Doll, Judy Garland stand-in for Dorothy Gale in “The Wizard of Oz” - MGM, 1939
Al Jaffee
“Your Marx brothers book is truly AMAZING. How in the world you tracked down all the photos is a miracle. I am old enough to remember many of them and they brought many dormant memories to life again. I am super proud to have my artwork included in this monumental undertaking. You should be very proud. Anyone who ever split his or her sides laughing at the Marx brother antics will thoroughly enjoy this monumental collection. CONGRATULATIONS!”


al jaffee

Al Jaffee, MAD Magazine
Everett Raymond Kinstler
“My sincere compliments… its a handsome and colorful book. The layout and design are first rate, and the pages flow with personality, Wonderfully researched with a wide range of images, and art. I was delighted to see my Sid Perelman portrait reproduced full page, as well as the Flagg charcoals of Will Johnston and Jeff Machamer. So many interesting illustrations and photographs. It revived many memories of the Marx movies… What a treasure trove you have compiled. You should be very pleased with your book, and I am grateful to be included.”
Everett Raymond Kinstler